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The Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics Laboratory is integrated into the Biomedical Informatics program (GRIB), a joint programme on the IMIM-Institut de Recerca Hospital del Mar and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, located in the astonishing building of the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona, on the Mediterranean shoreline.

The lab, whose members are involved in a number of national and international projects ranging from the understanding of enzymatic reactivity at the atomic detail to building information systems useful to relate patients, clinicians and researchers, works on what we believe are the cornerstones of the role of a University-based research group:

  1. RESEARCH: The CBBL is devoted to the use of computational tools study a variety of aspects of the molecular structure and dynamics of life.
  2. TEACHING: The CBBL members participate in several courses at the undergrad and graduate level which are responsibility of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the UPF.
  3. TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: In addition, the lab members have a strong interest in the translational aspects of bioinformatics research.
Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics lab
Research Group on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB) - IMIM/UPF
Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona
C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88; 08003 Barcelona (Spain)
Tel: +34 93 316 0504 // Fax: +34 93 316 0550
e-mail: jordi.villa@upf.edu

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